A children’s play centre in Cork was the scene for a row over breastfeeding.

The row — between two men — escalated to the point where one man assaulted the other outside Monkey Maze play centre in Glanmire.

One man suggested that if a woman drank wine before breastfeeding then her milk would be poisonous to the child drinking it.

Robert Wawrzacz, aged 44, of The View, Richmond Hill, Cork, was prosecuted at Cork District Court on a charge of assaulting Dariusz Prokopowicz at the Monkey Maze car park, Poulacurry South, Glanmire, on April 16, 2014. No contact was made; the accused held his fist close to the other man’s face, putting him in fear of being struck, and this constituted the assault.

Sara Charcrae testified she went to Monkey Maze that day to meet her ex-partner. She said Wawrzacz argued with her so she left the premises and went to her car. Her friend, Dariusz Prokopowicz, was in the front passenger seat. She said Wawrzacz held his fists to her friend threateningly.

Wawrzacz said the disagreement occurred inside Monkey Maze when he suggested a mother’s milk is poison to a child if the mother drank wine beforehand.

He said Ms Charcrae walked out and he walked out also. He said he did speak to the man who got out of her car. “My voice was probably higher than it should be,” the defendant said.

Mr Prokopowicz said the defendant told him to get back in the car after holding up his fist to him. Cross-examined by Inspector Ronan Kennelly, the defendant said: “I did not do any pose like a boxer.”

Judge Aingil Ní Chondúin said: “If they do not get on it does not make them bad people, they need to find ways to get on.”

She convicted Wawrzacz and fined him €400 on the assault charge.


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