Man denies following woman outside club

A man on trial for sexually assaulting a woman after she left a nightclub denied looking for women in Cork and following her because she had left the club alone.

He said it was a coincidence he was in the area at the time.

Viorel Postolache, aged 32, an Italian who was living at a flat at Barrack St, Cork, denies at Cork Circuit Criminal Court a single charge of sexual assault.

Judge David Riordan and a jury of 11 men and one woman heard evidence of the accused being questioned about his alleged involvement in the crime.

“You wanted to follow a female who came out of the club on her own?” a garda suggested and he replied: “That is not true.”

“You were on the street looking at women,” the garda said and he replied: “No, that is not true.”

Referring to CCTV in the area, the garda said: “As she leaves the pub you break into a jog and follow her walking on the opposite side of the street.” The accused replied: “Maybe it is a coincidence.”

Asked why he first walked up Washington St after midnight on July 17, 2012, and then went back down again he said he brought work keys with him by mistake and was returning them.

“You crossed the bridge, you turned right, you doubled back and followed the female to Crosse’s Green Quay. A moment after the assault you are seen running from the scene. Will you admit your guilt?” he was asked. He replied: “I am always running. Running is not evidence. I am crossing the street at a bad place, that is why I am running.”

“You were the only one on the street with the female when this happened. She will say that,” the garda said. He replied: “She can say what she wants to say. I did not touch her. I don’t understand how anyone can sexually assault a woman in 30 seconds and carry on living their life. Nothing happened that night.”

The complainant said it felt like the alleged assault went on for a long time but she accepted it only went on for seconds. She was on an antibiotic and did not feel well enough to stay at the club so she walked to her car at Crosse’s Green Quay.

The prosecution case is that the defendant ran behind her, grabbed her skirt and lifted it over her waist, grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around against her car, holding her with his shoulder, put his two hands between her legs. It is claimed he had a hand on each of her thighs while holding her against the car. Her panties were on. He rubbed her vagina and her bottom with his hands for a couple of seconds, it was alleged. It was claimed he ran away when she screamed, kicked, and shouted.

The case continues.


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