Man, 65, who ‘threatened to burn home’ is refused bail

A 65-year-old man accused of breaching an order by threatening to burn down the family home was refused bail yesterday.

John Wall, of 7 Belmont Court, Rochestown, Cork, denied evidence that he threatened to murder anyone or threatened arson of the family home, or that he was intoxicated.

“I had one can of lager, when I was making the dinner,” John Wall said during his unsuccessful bail application.

As for the alleged threats, John Wall said, “I couldn’t have made the threats. Why should I burn the house down, when she (his wife) is there. I am with her too long for that.”

The defendant’s son, Jason Wall, 29, has a protection order against his father, under which John Wall is required not to put his son in any fear.

Jason Wall testified that his father breached the protection order on July 2.

It was put to the young man that his father only had half a can or one can of lager, while making the dinner. 

Jason Wall said that was not true and said, “Half a can! There is about 400 cans under his bed, up in the room. 

"He drinks seven days a week. He threatened me and my brother. He told us he was going to kill us. 

"He (his father, John Wall) said ‘I’ll murder ye. If ye get me out of this house, I’ll come back when ye’re asleep and burn ye out’,” Jason Wall said.

Eddie Burke, defence solicitor, asked the young man if he had his own room in the house? 

He replied, “I did, until he (his father, John) broke it up with a shovel.”

Garda Joseph Halpin said he was of the view that John Wall, 65, was intoxicated when arrested yesterday morning.

Judge Olann Kelleher said he was concerned about this evidence and that given by the defendant’s son, and he remanded John Wall in custody until Friday, July 6.

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