Lucinda Creighton rules out role in abortion referendum

Lucinda Creighton has said she will not get involved in any campaign ahead of next year’s referendum on abortion.

The former Fine Gael minister lost the party whip in 2013 after she voiced major concerns around the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill and voted against the Government on it.

However Ms Creighton, who now runs her own consulting company, has ruled out becoming involved in any pro-life campaign in the lead-up to a vote on repealing the Eighth Amendment.

Speaking at the MacGill Summer School in Glenties, Co Donegal, the former EU affairs minister said: “I have no plans to be involved in any referendum in Ireland in the near future. I am very busy with business and with my work commitments and I am travelling every week. So I have don’t have any intention of getting involved.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has already committed to holding a referendum on the divisive issue of repealing the Eighth next year, while Health Minister Simon Harris went further and said he wants the vote to be held before the summer of 2018.

Ms Creighton said she believes many people will come out to publicly back both sides of the debate, but added that the Government has yet to announce a date for a referendum.

“I am sure plenty of people will emerge when there is a referendum but there is no referendum at the moment.”

She added: “As I said I gave 15 years of service in my public capacity and I am not doing that anymore. I am very much focused on building my own business and it’s not based on Irish domestic politics. I don’t intend getting back involved in that.”

As a TD, Ms Creighton conceded she had changed her views on the issue from quite liberal leanings as a student to a pro-life stance.

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