‘We stand together to bring this man to justice’

A girl who was sexually abused by her own father said yesterday that the only lesson she learned from him was that there are monsters who live among us.

The man pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting his two daughters, one from the age of 10-13 and the other from the age of seven to nine.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin imposed a total sentence of five years on the man yesterday at Cork Circuit Criminal Court. The only reason his name is not published is it would identify the victims.

In a joint victim-impact statement read to court by Garda Donal Casey, who investigated the case, the sisters said that not alone had their father taken away their innocence but they would never have a father to do what normal fathers do, like teaching them to drive and walking them down the aisle.

“We stand together to bring this man to justice,” they said, adding that their mother and other members of the family had brought them through it.

One of the victims contemplated suicide a number of times and it was only due to the support of the family that she never followed through with this.

Elizabeth O’Connell, defending, said that the accused had a chronic drink problem.

Garda Casey said it was a seven-day-a-week problem that saw the man drink from first thing in the morning.

While the evidence was of sexual abuse of both girls by masturbation and digital penetration of their genitals, the charges relating to one victim was of child cruelty while the other was of sexual assault.

Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin said: “This is an extremely serious case. He pleaded guilty to sexual assault and cruelty on his two daughters.

“The evidence shows a continuous series of gross behaviour, of breach of trust and the victim-impact statement shows the depth of the children’s suffering and what they have been through.

“This man, by his actions, has sundered the family and caused great grief. It is important that the girls and their mother realise this man has admitted in public his guilt and acknowledged that he abused his daughters. That is a public vindication of the girls.

“What they said about him is publicly admitted by him.”


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