‘Tiger in the wild would not do that to a suckling calf’

A man on trial for attacking a member of An Garda Síochána claimed the officer assaulted him and that "a tiger in the wild would not do to a suckling calf" what the detective did to him.

Patrick Fuohy, aged 67, of Ballydaw, Castlelyons, Co Cork, pleaded not guilty to a charge of assault causing harm to Detective Garda Denis Ryan at Fermoy Mart in Corrin on March 21 last year.

Mr Fuohy said he stabbed the garda’s hand with the key of his truck. Asked by his senior counsel, Tom Creed, why he did so, Mr Fuohy replied: “If you were getting bate with that iron bar and blood pumping down out my head... Eleven guards I counted outside and none of them saw blood — they would want to go to Specsavers.

“I was afraid. And I am afraid of no man, not the judge, not anyone except the man in the sky.”

Cross-examined by prosecution barrister Siobhán Lankford, Mr Fuohy said: “If you got the belts I got in the head you would be six feet under, my friend.”

On the day in question, Mr Fuohy had been in dispute with management of Fermoy Mart over whether cattle for sale had horns. His lorry was blocking an entrance on the day he allegedly assaulted Det Garda Ryan.

The detective garda testified that he was called to the scene when it was reported that Mr Fuohy’s truck was blocking an entrance and preventing people from driving into or out of the property.

At one stage, it was claimed, the defendant drove his truck forward, striking the detective.

Det Garda Ryan said because of that he “drew his asp” — an ASP collapsible baton — and smashed the driver’s side window and leaned in to grab the keys of the truck. He said he never touched the accused.

He said his hand was grabbed and repeatedly stabbed with something. His hand bled heavily and he was hospitalised for a number of days afterwards, he added.

Mr Fuohy said yesterday: “He came in the window like a greyhound after a rabbit.”

In an interview with gardaí, shown to the jury, Mr Fuohy said: “I completely deny that I assaulted garda whatever-you-call-him. I was defending myself for my life.”

The prosecution and defence closed their cases yesterday and Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin will make closing speeches to the jury on Monday.


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