‘Bad blood’ among jarveys

A court yesterday heard of “bad blood” on the traditional jarvey stand in Killarney, Co Kerry, and of how a number of jarveys are being accused of using technology to harass others.

At one stage, the alleged target of an online and phone attack, the Killarney Horse and Carriage Company, which was formed in 2010, had been signed up to the Pampers nappy website without its knowledge.

The forced use of horse nappies, introduced under council by-laws, was the subject of huge tension among jarveys in 2010 and at first it was thought this was a joke.

However, matters turned more serious when Michael and Julie Sweetman, who are associated with the Killarney Horse and Carriage Company began receiving huge amounts of spam and other matters, Kenmare District Court has been told.

Gardaí became aware of “bad blood” and jealousy in Killarney after being called in to investigate “an inordinate” number of spam emails and anonymous phone calls directed at the Sweetmans, investigating garda Det Chris Manton told the court yesterday.

“Word on the street was there was bad blood on the jarvey stand,” said Det Manton. “An element of jealousy had crept in because Mike Sweetman, the Gradys, and others had struck out on their own.”

Three people have been prosecuted in relation to the harassment. Michael Tangney, aged 26, of Muckross Close, and Paul Tangney,a ged 40, also of Muckross Close, deny harassing the Sweetmans “by persistingly communicating with them, including by means of telephone and internet”, on dates inclusive between May 9 and May 25, 2010.

Their former employee Kevin Counihan, aged 34, of Apartment 1, 30 High St, Killarney, has already pleaded guilty to harrasment and has given evidence against his former employers.

Solicitors Aidan O’Connell and Dan O’Connor for the Tangneys yesterday queried the legitimacy of the search of the Tangneys’ headquarters, Killarney Jaunting Cars, at Muckross Rd.



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