Lonely cygnet goes potty for his flower-pot family

A lonely cygnet had to be rescued from a driveway after mistaking two swan-shaped flower pots for members of his family.

The hapless creature, which was trying to find his way home to the Claddagh in Galway, was later found cosying up to the garden planters situated outside a local property.

The young bird was seen closely examining the strangely familiar planters before settling down close by in the hope he would be adopted into the quieter-than-usual brood.

Galway and Claddagh Swan Rescue, which was alerted to the cygnet’s plight, shared a number of photos by Michelle Halpin showing the bemused creature’s dilemma.

“These are the photos of a swan rescue where the swan entered this driveway when he spotted two swan planters,” said Ms Halpin in a Facebook post.

“The swan was transported back to his real-life family in the Claddagh by the Galway and Claddagh Swan Rescue.”

Mary Joyce Glynn, who runs the sanctuary, confirmed that the cygnet was happily reunited with his feathered friends and family.

“He is definitely doing better with the real swans in Claddagh,” she confirmed.


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