Locals and lifeboat crew rescue dolphin

A stranded dolphin has been rescued after being washed up a deserted channel on a remote beach.

Three local families and lifeboat volunteers in Fenit, Co Kerry, joined forces to save the mammal, which was found by Breda McCarthy as she walked her dog on Tuesday night.

It is believed the dolphin had swum in at high tide before getting cut off from the sea.

It was wrapped up, transported to the harbour and then taken out to sea, where it circled the boat.

Ger O’Donnell, operations manager with Fenit RNLI, said it was not the usual run-of-the-mill rescue for the lifeboat crew.

“We were very anxious that we did everything right and gave the poor thing the best chance of survival,” he said.

“It was a real community effort, from the local families, the RNLI crew and the Coast Guard, who were able to put us in touch with the expert advice we needed.

“It was almost as if the dolphin knew we were working to save him.”

The Egan, Tobin and McCarthy families were involved in the rescue operation.


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