Limerick schoolboy's 'positivity pack' is the latest start-up to tackle mental health issues

A Limerick schoolboy has launched a new start-up in a bid to raise awareness of positive mental health.

Positivity Pack is the brainchild of 17-year-old James Corneille, who is aiming to lower stress levels and boost happiness with his innovative idea.

Describing his creation as “the perfect chill-out kit after those horrible, rainy, hair-pulling, frustrating, and unfortunate days”, Mr Corneille describes what the pack includes.

“There’s bubble wrap, a notebook and pencil, smiley stickers, a destress guide, a custom message so you can send the pack anonymously if you wish, teabags, sweets, balloons, a happy music playlist and a ‘be happy’ reminder that you can just put in your wallet or give to a friend,” he said.

According to Mr Corneille, the Positivity Pack is primarily intended to tackle the growing mental health problems which often stem from work or exam stress but it is also the perfect pick-me up for anyone feeling a little blue.

“There’s a few different angles to it so you could get it for yourself if you want or a lot of people have been getting it for a friend and then putting in a personal message to them if they were feeling a bit down just to make them smile,” he said. “It’s a nice little gift,”

Positivity Pack has four tiers of items, with the smallest pack starting from €6 before moving on to the basic pack (€8), plus pack (€10), and the premium pack (€12).

The start-up is quickly gaining momentum, with the Limerick City native already winning three awards for it including Junior Spiders Best Concept and Outbox Incubator Most Liked Project and Best Pitch, as well as being recognised by Enterprise Ireland and Silicon Republic.

Mr Corneille, who worked on his idea for more than a year, has already received positive reviews of his product and cites Twitter as an important marketing tool.

“I definitely haven’t seen anything like it before,” he said. “It’s got good feedback from a lot of people. Everyone’s sending emails or Twitter mentions saying they like it and Twitter is actually great for getting the word out.

“I’m very determined to keep working on it so hopefully the Twitter mentions keep going up and up.”


Mr Corneille, who is also a board member of the Digital Youth Council, is already making waves as a serial entrepreneur having previously founded Skizzie — a platform for young children to learn languages through animation.

The fifth-year student is hopeful of pursuing a career as an entrepreneur.

“I’m very passionate about it and I want to do it as a career for my future,” said Mr Corneille.



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