Leo’s time arrives as magazine celebrates ‘least typical’ Taoiseach

As the old saying goes, Time waits for no man, even if your name is Enda Kenny and you were once the darling of the international media’s green-tinted view of Ireland.

It’s now Leo’s turn, with the newly elected Taoiseach adorning the cover of Time magazine after the publication sat down to speak with him about his sudden rise to power.

Beside a glowing headline ‘An Island At The Centre Of The World’, an equally glowing Mr Varadkar was pictured.

Serious issues were of course addressed. But, as ever, through no fault of Mr Varadkar, the main focus was on personality not policy — with Time the latest to point to the appointment of such a diverse politician as a sign Ireland is now about equality and embracing the outside world.

“When Varadkar ascended to his country’s highest office, he became the youngest prime minister in Ireland’s history, and by far its least typical.

“Born to an Indian father and an Irish mother, Varadkar represents a break from the parade of aging white men who predated him. His premiership also reflects a sea-change in social attitudes,” Time reported.

During the lengthy interview, Mr Varadkar did discuss the necessary policy issues that define politics, saying Ireland will not leave the EU, defending the country’s corporate tax rate, revealing Donald Trump tried to influence him over Doonbeg while transport minister, and insisting Ireland’s recovery is continuing.

Not for the first time in the past month, Mr Varadkar has been described as a new leader for a new era.

But, as Enda Kenny will no doubt testify, if you don’t use your time wisely, it will eventually run out on you as you become just another blurry image from the past.


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