Leo Varadkar: We cannot trust denial by Adams

A government minister has said Gerry Adams’ denial of allegations that he ordered the murder of an IRA informer cannot be trusted.

Sinn Féin president Mr Adams has denied claims aired during a BBC Spotlight programme that he was responsible for sanctioning the death of Denis Donaldson, dubbing them “a lie”. He said the matter was now in the hands of his solicitor.

“I totally repudiate it and categorically and specifically deny it. More importantly we have to look at what’s behind this agenda.

“I mean, the person who made this allegation — [an] anonymous, unnamed, self-professed agent of the British State — so whose agenda is that serving?

“This was an attempt to rewrite history,” Mr Adams said.

However, a number of senior politicians hit out at Mr Adams, including Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar who said the public should not trust these denials adding that Mr Adams hadn’t “risen to the top of the republican movement by winning truth-telling contests”.

“I think we have to be very skeptical of anything he says or any denial he makes.”

Gerry Adams
Gerry Adams

Labour leader Brendan Howlin called on Mr Adams to admit that he was a member of the IRA, claiming there is “not a child in Ireland” who doesn’t believe this.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin claimed Sinn Féin had “no issue with credibility” with Spotlight last week when it raised issues around the sale of Nama’s loan book.

He said: “Sinn Féin were first out of the traps to laud Spotlight and move very quickly on the revelations of that particular programme to call for a commission of investigation for example into the Project Eagle sale.

“I do get concerned when Sinn Féin just pounce on the messenger, attack and deny, attack and deny, which is a standard tact from the Sinn Féin response to situations like this.”

Taoiseach Enda Kenny said Mr Adams had areas in his “past life” that he has to deal with: “I think there are elements of his past that only he can answer.”

An anonymous source, who claimed he was a former IRA and Sinn Féin member turned British agent, told the BCC investigative programme that Mr Adams had sanctioned the shooting of Mr Donaldson in 2005.

Speaking at the Ploughing Championships in Co Offaly Mr Howlin said: “There is something surreal about a situation where Gerry Adams maintains he was never a member of the IRA.”

Mr Varadkar said there have been so many allegations made against senior figures in Sinn Féin that sometimes “we become desensitised to them. This is a very serious allegation. I think it’s important that it be fully investigated”.


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