Lawyer in Dwyer case earned €100k

The lawyer who helped put sadistic murderer Graham Dwyer behind bars for life for the murder of Elaine O’Hara received more than €100,000 for his work on the case.

Figures released by the director of public prosecutions in response to a freedom of information request confirm Sean Guerin SC received €101,726 (all figures inclusive of 23% Vat) for his work in securing Dwyer’s murder conviction.

Mr Guerin built up the State case during the 43-day trial over nine weeks culminating in him describing Dwyer as “a sadistic and brutal pervert with nothing on his mind other than murder” in his closing speech.

The figures released show the DPP paid €237,749 to the three barristers on the State prosecution team for the trial and court appearances relating to the case going back to October 2013.

Mr Guerin was supported by Anne-Marie Lawlor who received €67,130 and Sinead McGrath who received €68,137. The overall legal bill for Dwyer’s legal team would be even higher leaving a total bill to the State of over €500,000.

Dwyer was represented by senior counsel, Remy Farrell SC, Ronan Kennedy and Kate McCormack along with solicitor, Jonathan Dunphy.

These barristers would have been paid the same rates as the barristers on the DPP’s legal team.

Mr Dunphy was paid through the criminal legal aid scheme while the pay for the solicitor representing the DPP is not included as he/she is a salaried State- employed solicitor.

In prosecuting and defending cases in the central criminal court for murder trials, senior counsel receive a brief fee of €7,127 that covers preparatory work and the first day and a daily refresher fee of €1,562.

Junior counsel prosecuting and defending murder cases in the central criminal court received a brief fee of €4,752 and a refresher fee of €1,041.

Combined figures provided by the DPP and the Department of Justice show Mr Guerin and Mr Farrell last year received just over €465,993 for their State work in the criminal courts.



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