Ladies go wild for penniless Mark

A PENNILESS man who is living in the wilderness refusing to spend money, has become one of the nation’s most eligible bachelors, after a flood of marriage proposals.

Mark Boyle, 31, from Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, has lived for more than 18 months without cash in the wilderness as an experiment.

The former businessman, who ditched his smart suits for life in a caravan, scavenging food from forests and using a compost loo — is now the unlikely object of women’s desire.

Mark, who now laps up the outdoor life in Bath, England, believes he can offer women the best thing of all — “adventure”.

Mark said: “I am getting marriage proposals from complete strangers.

“And this has only happened since I gave up money.

“Having no money has led to me getting more attention than I have ever had.

“There are many women who are bored of being taken for dinner and I am certainly not going to be offering them that.”

The ex-economics student kissed goodbye to money over a glass of wine with a friend.

It began as an experiment but now Mark has ended up loving the simple life so much he has vowed to continue living without a pound or a euro ever again.

Where he lacks money, Mark more than makes up for it with bulging muscles — another asset to his online admirers.

“I don’t need to keep fit in the gym after a day at the office because I farm and forage my own food,” he said.

“I am happier now than I have ever been and that is all without money.”

*Mark has written a book, The Moneyless Man, and proceeds will go to charity.


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