Kiss and tell time: Men want more than a pucker on that first date

MORE than eight out of 10 men would like to go further than a kiss on their first date – if they got the chance.

According to a new survey, however, women are not quite as keen, with just 20% prepared to go further than a kiss on the lips, if the opportunity arose.

The poll of around 3,500 members on, also found very differing views as to when couples move from dating to a relationship.

While 40% of women felt the relationship phase starts after three months, just over 13% felt the relationship started “once you had sex”.

The starting line for a relationship was less clear for men but “after five dates” topped the poll by a small margin.

While more men than women believed it was only a relationship after having sex, men were also found to have a romantic side that some women seemed to lack. Almost one in four men believe a date becomes a relationship only after someone says ‘I love you’, compared to just over 18% of women.

An earlier poll conducted by the online dating agency also found that most people are willing to share their sexual history – 60% of singles said they would be happy to spill the beans with a new partner.

And while most would be happy to tell the truth on how many partners they had, fewer than 20% said they would either play up or play down the number of sexual exploits they had.

And when it comes to dating, almost four out of ten think it is OK to date more than one person at a time until it was clear that things were going somewhere with one of them.

Of those who believed dating was OK because it was a bit of fun, 76% were men and 24% were women.

Late last year the Crisis Pregnancy Agency, now the Crisis Pregnancy Programme, launched a digital initiative – a Night to Remember – to encourage sexually active people to see the potential consequences of choices made regarding contraception use.

In the first three weeks of the campaign, the website was viewed 21,000 times.

The number of website visitors increased during the year, with over 78,000 visits to recorded – a 75% increase compared with the previous year.


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