King Nidge is dead but ‘Love/Hate’ may live on

It’s official — King Nidge is dead, but fans may yet be treated to a sixth season of Love/Hate.

After a typically bloody season five finale, a reported 1m RTÉ viewers were left wondering if Nidge survives after being shot at point blank range, in front of his family, by his Traveller pipebomb-maker nemesis Patrick.

We didn’t have to wait long as Tom Vaughan Lawlor, who plays Nidge, confirmed in a statement that Sunday night’s final scene was his last.

“The last five years working on Love/Hate have been an incredible and unforgettable journey for me. I’ve had the privilege of working with a brilliant cast who I’ve learnt a huge amount from a tireless and talented crew, a visionary director, an amazing group of producers from Octagon and RTÉ and, in Stuart Carolan a world class writer,” his statement said.

The actor also said he was looking forward to “new challenges ahead for me both on screen and stage” in what looks like a pretty definitive indication that we have seen the last of Nidge.

However, there was still some hope that a sixth season may yet be planned for the hugely popular show.

A spokesperson for the station confirmed the broadcaster has a development deal in place with the show’s creator Mr Carolan and that a decision on whether or not to give a green light for a sixth season would be made in the next few weeks.

Head of drama at RTÉ, Jane Gogan, said the station would support any decision made by Mr Carolan on the show’s future.

“We will put the next series into development and that’s what we have done. I think now Stuart really needs to take some time to reflect and decide what he wants to do next. We will be supportive of whatever he wants to do,” she said.

Actor Laurence Kinlan, who plays Nidge’s right-hand man Elmo also confirmed on Twitter that no immediate decision had been made in relation to a new season being commissioned.

“For those asking about a sixth series. They will decide in the coming weeks whether or not to do a sixth. No decisions have been made yet,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, an iResearch Insights survey has found that over 80% want to see another series of the hit show.

More men than women want to see “King Nidge” and the boys back, with 93% of men asked saying they want to see the series return, compared to 76% of women.

“This just goes to show the phenomenal popularity of Love/Hate.

“Even though it looks like the main stars of the show are dead, with Nidge and Siobhán gunned down and Fran seemingly tortured to death in the season finale, we still want a sixth season,” said iReach Insights managing director Oisin Byrne.


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