Website wants prostitutes to work together

ONE of the country’s biggest prostitution websites has launched a campaign to try to have laws against brothels overturned. claims it is trying to make it safer for women who work in prostitution by enabling them to work with another woman. As the law stands it is not illegal to be a prostitute or to have sex for money.

However, it is illegal to advertise prostitution, to organise prostitution and to keep a brothel. If two women were found to be working together in a hotel room or apartment that would constitute a brothel.

“The result of well publicised cases where independent escorts working in pairs are prosecuted under brothel keeping laws is that sex workers are being forced to work alone, constantly fearful of attack, and for good reason,” said the website’s own Patricia Albright. “It is obvious commonsense that, in the interests of safety, sex workers should not work alone.

“We are asking the Irish Government to allow two sex workers to work together legally. We will also be sending this petition to the British government as a similar legal situation exists in Northern Ireland.”

The website has sent out St Valentine’s cards to every TD in Ireland asking them to sign up to the petition. It is hoping to secure more than 5,000 signatures. As of yesterday afternoon it had 25.

Escort-ireland itself would be illegal if it was hosted here in Ireland because it advertises prostitution – up to 600 prostitutes working in this country at any one time. However, the website escapes censure because the site is hosted outside the state.

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