Kerry homeowners warned of radon in water supply

Homeowners in Kerry with private drinking water wells have been warned to check their groundwater for potentially lethal radon gas.

Independent councillor Michael Gleeson raised the issue yesterday following medical advice to a woman who became ill. Suffering from fatigue, she had been told by her doctor to check for radon levels in the well.

The odourless radioactive gas, which can trigger a lung disease, is formed naturally in the ground from decaying uranium and is relatively harmless while outdoors, said Mr Gleeson.

However, he told a Kerry County Council that while the dangers of radon entering a home are well-known, it was rarely appreciated that the gas could enter through a water supply.

“It is those homes that use water classed as groundwater who may have cause for concern,” said Mr Gleeson.

“The gas in the ground can quite easily become dissolved in the groundwater or well water.

“Homeowners whose water source is a well should have their homes tested particularly if they are living in an area known for high radon levels.

“There is a relatively inexpensive device available to eliminate the threat to health from groundwater. It is best that homeowners would be safe rather than sorry.”

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