Kenny seeks clarity on Cahill rape case meeting

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has written to Gerry Adams seeking clarification on the people the Sinn Féin leader asked him to meet regarding rape victim Mairia Cahill’s claims of an internal IRA investigation into her abuse.

Mr Kenny has made it clear he will only meet the people named in a BBC documentary regarding the rape, and not others nominated by Sinn Féin.

Mr Adams invited Mr Kenny to speak with republican figures named by Ms Cahill during angry Dáil exchanges over the controversy in the Dáil last week.

Mr Kenny’s spokesperson accused Sinn Féin of “scrambling” after the initial invitation and suggesting that figures other than the ones named by Ms Cahill as being involved in an IRA ‘kangaroo court” could meet the Taoiseach.

A solicitor representing the four people warned that they had been subjected to ‘trial by media’ following Ms Cahill’s allegation.

The rape victim said the IRA investigation into her attack forced her to confront the man who abused her for a year when she was 16.

Mr Kenny has said he has “no problem” meeting the people named in the BBC documentary and that he intends to confront them with Ms Cahill’s account of her experiences.

“The Taoiseach is reasserting his offer to meet with the four people once he has been facilitated with the details as to who they are so he can contact them,” the spokesperson said.

In response, Mr Adams claimed he had written to Mr Kenny after the Dáil exchanges last week, offering to set up a meeting. He said Mr Kenny’s department acknowledged that letter.

“Separately, two other Sinn Féin members named in the BBC Spotlight programme also wrote to the Taoiseach seeking meetings with him,” he said. “The Taoiseach’s department also acknowledged their letters. The Taoiseach has yet to confirm a meeting with any of us.”

He said news reports had said the Taoiseach was “calling Gerry Adams’ bluff”.

“It is clear that the Taoiseach is seeking to manipulate media reporting of this issue and is being entirely cynical and disingenuous,” said Mr Adams.

The move came as DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds told Britain’s House of Commons there must not be a “whitewash of the black sins of Sinn Féin” in regard to Ms Cahill’s claims.

Northern Secretary Theresa Villiers told Mr Dodds: “It is genuinely a very shocking, disturbing and distressing case and all such crimes, whether they are the acts themselves or any sort of cover-up, should be fully investigated.”

Mr Adams has denied that either he, or his party, were involved in a cover-up of Ms Cahill’s case.

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