"Keep saving those lives!" Irish Air Corps meet their biggest fan - Pharrell Williams

Captain Seán McCarthy with Pharrell Williams at Birmingham Airport

During a routine operation in Birmingham yesterday morning, the Irish Air Corps bumped into one of their more well-known admirers - Pharrell Williams.

The Air Corps AW139 team were transferring a patient from Casement Aerodrome to Birmingham for life saving treatment, making use of a Lifeport stretcher system to ensure full medical care in transit.

They had made the journey across the channel in just over an hour.

'Keep saving those lives!' Irish Air Corps meet their biggest fan - Pharrell Williams

Air Corps AW139 in Birmingham Airport

After handing over their patient they were approached by an onlooker who turned out to be none other than international superstar Pharrell Williams.

Posting on their Facebook page, the Irish Defense Forces described the surreal encounter with the 'Marilyn Monroe' singer.

"After bringing the patient to the care of N.H.S officials, the Air Corps team were given well wishes from the former N.E.R.D singer, Neptunes producer, solo artist and recent Oscar nominee Pharrell Williams, who was also in Birmingham Airport."

Carlow-born pilot, Captain Seán McCarthy was relieved that they had completed their mission. To him, meeting Pharrell was just a bonus.

"We're just delighted the patient got there safely. Pharrell actually approached us when he saw the uniforms and the equipment moving through the airport. He was very modest and thanked us for a job well done.

"He said he was travelling onto Geneva for the next part of his tour and when he was leaving said 'keeping saving those lives!"

The Defence Forces finished their update by announcing they had completed over 50 similar procedures this year.

So far this year the Air Corps have completed over 50 inter-hospital transfers, which is something they are very 'Happy' about.


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