Jail for man who broke ex-partner’s nose with headbutt

A man who headbutted his ex-partner into the face, breaking her nose, was jailed yesterday for five months as the judge described him as a danger to the public.

Patrick O’Sullivan, aged 30, of 43 Ferney Grove, Mahon, Cork, denied the charge of assault causing harm to Joanne Lennon, 30.

Ms Lennon testified that he grabbed her by the neck and by the hair and kneed her into the back and that he also head-butted her thereby fracturing her nose, an injury that required surgery.

Ms Lennon had gone to Patrick O’Sullivan’s house that Sunday afternoon on April 26, 2015, in relation to a domestic arrangement and the disputed incident occurred in the front garden of O’Sullivan’s house.

O’Sullivan said it was his ex-partner who assaulted him and not him who assaulted her.

“I got a dig in the chin. She went to hit me twice after that,” he told his solicitor, Frank Buttimer. “We were arguing. She kept coming into my face shouting. I caught her by the hands, I said, ‘go away, just fuck off’. She said I bopped her. I said: ‘Are you for real?’ I did not bop her. I said: ‘Get the fuck out of my garden.’

“I would not hit a woman, full stop, that is just not me, it is not in my character. We bopped foreheads against each other when she was head to head with me, might have nudging foreheads when I was telling her to go away.”

Inspector John Deasy put it to O’Sullivan he had lost the run of himself.

The accused denied this, saying: “I was in great form that weekend, you could not have knocked the smile off my face that weekend.”

Judge Olann Kelleher said: “This was a vicious assault. She faced an operation on her nose a year after the assault. He is a very aggressive man. I am concerned he is a danger to the public. I am very concerned about his aggression in this assault in broad daylight and in the witness box.”

One witness, Ross Pardy, said he saw what he described as the head-bop.

Mr Buttimer suggested he was mistaken. Mr Pardy replied: “Of course you are going to say that. You’re his solicitor. You have to try and get him off.”

Mr Buttimer said: “What is wrong with that?” Mr Pardy replied: “It’s a lie.”


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