It’s Moby Déise as Waterford fans push boat out with paint attack

Youghal's Moby Dick replica which suffered an audacious attack.

Waterford supporters trawling for the upper hand in next weekend’s All-Ireland hurling semi-final have resorted to very fishy tactics in Youghal with an audacious attack on a replica of Moby Dick.

Pride has been harpooned in the east Cork town after Déise buccaneers Moby-lised a boat and painted ‘Up Waterford’ on the helpless fish.

The covert operation is understood to have been conducted “at around 4.30am,” according to one gutted Cork supporter.

The rudimentary imitation was constructed by the Youghal 4 All community group in 2013 to signify Youghal’s link to the great white whale. Built largely from discarded wood, foam and fibreglass it may lack the presence of its Hollywood-funded predecessor, which stared down Gregory Peck during filming in 1954.

But its strength is its symbolism which Cork supporters now see as blown out of the water.

Having proved a curious addition to the harbour for a few years, the replica was something of a dangerous lure for young swimmers keen to act the Ahab by trying to climb up on it and so it was towed upriver.

Nowadays, it bobs about by Youghal Bridge, like a giant... er... cork, catching the eye of traffic passing between the two counties.

As a reminder of a glorious past event that is unlikely to resurface, Cork hurling fans would undoubtedly suggest that that is what drew empathy from Waterford.

Any chance of remorse for the act of piracy seems remote. Padjoe Terry, a Youghal resident but Waterford-born and a Déise devotee, was mercilessly unrepentant: “Even Moby Dick is like a rat deserting a sinking ship and coming over to us!” he laughed gloatingly.

Youghal 4 All PRO Adrian Hyde said his organisation “can see the funny side of this and we’re not upset.

“However,” he adds, “it would be nice if whoever did it painted white over the slogan again after they get knocked out of the championship on Sunday.”

So far nobody has claimed responsibility but there is no doubt a lot of water will flow under the bridge before it is forgotten!


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