It’s Just Lunch book dishes out advice on dating game

DON’T discuss your latest diets, how much you hate your stomach or even venture near politics or religion.

Meanwhile, menfolk don’t sell yourself short by writing off women in their late 30s and 40s or women on a higher payscale.

And as for women, give those short guys a chance and stop jumping to immediate assumptions about a man before you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time in his company.

That’s the advice from a new Irish guide to dating from the international dating franchise, It’s Just Lunch.

According to the book’s author, Anne-Marie Cussen, the book “will help demystify the dating process” and will “provide tips and suggestions to boost prospects”.

While this book is essentially about dating, it argues that for dating to be really successful, men and women must approach dating as a “way of enriching your life and expanding your circle of friends while embracing your single status”.

Staff at the It’s Just Lunch say that men and women really need to move “outside the comfort zone” if they want to meet their ideal partner.

They also warn that there’s much more to finding a partner than just reading a book as “all the knowledge in the world won’t make the slightest difference in your life, unless you actually get out there and date,” says Ms Cussen, managing director of It’s Just Lunch Ireland.

The gang at It’s Just Lunch are adamant that if you really want to make it on the dating scene, you have to throw out the traditional rule book.

“Forget about pretending you’re not interested when you are. Forget about playing hard to get or waiting three days to ask to meet up again. If it feels right, go for it,” they say.

They also warn that if you want a certain trait in a future partner, you must make sure that you exude it yourself.

“Take self-confidence, or an easy-going nature. If you want to find that in somebody, you must first try and aim to be like that yourself as that kind of person will be attracted to that trait,” the book argues.

It’s Just Lunch is a dating service for singles where individuals meet an It’s Just Lunch consultant who then pairs them up with other singles on their books. As you might imagine, they recommend lunch as the ideal setting for a first date.

“It’s an hour and then you can just go away,” a spokeswoman said. “The company was founded 19 years ago by a woman in Chicago whose engagement had broken up. After many dates, she decided that lunch dates were the best way to go.”

It’s Just Lunch book costs €12 and is available at Eason bookstores and online at Amazon.


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