Ireland risks ‘world’s most extreme and unjust abortion regime’

Ireland is in danger of going from being a country that protects and respects unborn human life to one of the most extreme and unjust abortion regimes anywhere in the world, the Pro Life Campaign warns.

The organisation’s legal consultant, Caroline Simons, said she can even envisage women travelling from Britain to Ireland for an abortion.

“In Britain, there are time limits on the so-called health ground. So today’s Government proposal is, objectively speaking, more extreme than the law in Britain.”

It is clear beyond any doubt now that a vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment is a vote for abortion on demand up to birth, she said.

Ms Simons was speaking after the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, introduced the 36th Amendment of the Constitution Bill 2018 in the Dáil. It paves the way for the abortion referendum.

During the Dáil debate, Mr Harris called on TDs to think of “the nine women in airports yesterday” or the “three women taking abortion pills in their homes”.

Ms Simons was asked to comment on the minister’s contention that abortion is already happening in Ireland.

Responding, she said she wishes the minister would do more to support women’s crises. “Removing the baby does not deal with the crisis situation,” she said.

“Women feel this (abortion) is the only choice they have. I would like to see the Government trying to help them make a more positive choice that is better for them and better for their babies.”

Ms Simons was asked about the minister’s proposals to introduce a free contraceptive service and if she would support such a move.

“This pro-life campaign deals with one issue and one issue only and that is the abortion question — the protection of life from conception until natural death. Contraception does not come into that frame,” she said.

“Our job is to seek for the protection in our laws and in our society of all lives from conception until natural death.”

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