Insurance for female drivers to rise €250

Young female drivers will have to pay about €250 more for car insurance from next week when gender-neutral rules are enforced.

The 24% additional average cost is taken from AA Ireland’s review of eight different insurers.

There is, however, a considerable variance in price increases among insurers for women aged 25 — from 13% to 36%.

The cost hike for female drivers follows the ruling earlier this year by the European Court of Justice that gender can no longer be used when pricing financial products.

A recent AA survey found 82% of women intended to make a greater effort at shopping around for car insurance because of the ruling, compared to 68% of men.

AA director of consumer affairs Conor Faughnan encouraged female drivers to be pushy with insurance companies.

“This is new territory for insurance providers and they’re anxious to retain your business so don’t be afraid to push them and see what they can do.”

The premium increases are for women over 30 are not as dramatic. They are up by an average of 9% for those over 30 and by 2% for those over 70.

Young male drivers will benefit most from the ruling, according to the AA, with premiums for a 25-year-old down by 6%.

There is quite a difference in price movements between insurers, ranging from a decrease of 21% to an increase of 17%.

The AA said the 17% increase was an exception, as most insurers had reduced rates for young male drivers.

Not surprisingly, the AA found that more women than men believe the gender ruling is unfair.

Of a sample of more than 7,000 motorists, only 29% of women said they believed the ruling was fair, compared to 74% of men.

lThe insurers included in the AA’s review were ARB Underwriting Ltd, Allianz, Aviva, Aza, Chartis, RSA, and Zurich.

Cover cost

* Comprehensive cover for 25-year-old with a 1.2-litre car and three years claims-free driving: Male €926.81; female €722.44; gender neutral €975.93.

* Comprehensive cover for 30-year-old with 2-litre car and six years claims-free: Male €718.25; female €603.33; gender neutral €692.12.

* Comprehensive cover for 40-year-old with a 2-litre car and nine-plus claims-free driving: Male €599.96; female €594.12; and gender neutral €599.96.

* Cover is comprehensive with step-back bonus protection.


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