Insurance discounts up for grabs in online test

A MOTOR insurer has launched an online interactive test which will earn successful users discounts on their insurance premiums.

The AXA Insurance initiative will reward policy-holders with up to €50 off their insurance.

Others who complete the driving skills test can also be entered for a draw to receive as much as €500 off policies.

The online initiative is being targeted at young drivers and includes tests on speeding, distractions, general awareness, motorway driving, aggressive driving as well as driver fatigue.

Insurers examined clients’ histories and identified key causes to crashes and injuries.

“From this wealth of information we have devised an interactive programme covering what we consider to be the most common caused accidents,” said the company yesterday.

As users complete each section of the course online, they are issued credits and once they have six can apply for their discounts.

The initiative is being rolled out with the cooperation of Transition Year teachers. Student entrants to the online test who gain the six credits are put into regular draws for up to 10 free driving lessons.

The online interactive video includes questions about speed limits and asks users to use their mouse to pick out road, types, conditions such as ice or fog and the appropriate speeds.

l The programme can be accessed on


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