Woman ‘bitten, threatened’ in assault by Cork ex-partner

A YOUNG woman was bitten on the nose and forehead by her ex-partner during a violent night at her home during which he put a pillow over her head, tried to strangle her and made threats with a knife and a hammer.

Roy Kelleher, 23, of 4 Ballinderry Park, Mayfield, Cork, denied a charge of assault causing harm on Kim O’Flaherty but after two hours of evidence in Cork District Court yesterday, Judge Leo Malone concluded: “I am satisfied there was an assault by Mr Kelleher on Ms O’Flaherty.”

The judge adjourned sentencing for two months to allow time for the preparation of a probation report, but he warned the defendant he “is not out of the woods yet”.

Ms O’Flaherty testified that she was at home at Spring Lane, Blackpool, when Kelleher called.

“He was very drunk, he tore me by my hair, he bit my forehead and bit my nose. I asked him to stop. He got a knife from the kitchen and said he was going to kill me if I did not shut up.

“In the bedroom he kept putting pillows over my face and said if we don’t work out there is no point. He kept hitting me in the stomach and in my back. I kept asking him to stop, there was no way.

“He got a hammer, he put that to my head.

“He said he would hit me with it if I didn’t go to sleep. (In the morning) he stabbed the door of my bedroom with the knife. I ran out,” Ms O’Flaherty said.

Diarmuid Kelleher, solicitor, cross-examined her stating that between her first statement to gardaí, a subsequent statement and her evidence in court there were inconsistencies and lies.

Ms O’Flaherty admitted there were some lies, but said she did not lie about the assault and had the injuries to prove it.

Defendant Roy Kelleher, testified: “She is a compressive liar. I didn’t touch her, I didn’t go near her… She said if I left her she’d get me done on something. I often seen the girl catch herself by the hair and bang her head against the wall. It (Ms O’Flaherty’s evidence) is a pack of lies, I did not assault her.”


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