Senior IRA man and sons arrested in shooting probe

THE Garda investigation into the shooting of Robert Delany in Dublin almost two years ago reached a climax yesterday with the arrest of a senior IRA man and two of his sons.

The 29-year-old father-of-two was left in a vegetative state after being shot in the head when he answered a ring to the door of his house in Tallaght, Dublin, in October 2008.

Gardaí believe he was shot as a result of breaking up a fight at a pub. One of the people involved in the fight was a son of a well-known Dublin republican.

The arrests yesterday morning followed six previous arrests and marks the culmination of a determined, but difficult, investigation by officers attached to Tallaght Garda Station.

One of those arrested was hitman Daniel Gaynor, who was shot dead last month in Finglas, north Dublin. He was suspected of being involved in the shooting, which was ordered by someone else.

The 57-year-old IRA man arrested yesterday, and his two sons, aged 31 and 32, were detained under the Offences Against the State Act and can be held for up to three days.

The father was a former officer commanding the Dublin PIRA in the mid 1980s to early 1990s and was active in Sinn Féin.

Mr Delany was asleep with his partner on October 22, 2008, when someone rang the intercom on their front door. When he looked out the bedroom window he was shot in the head.

The postman remains in a vegetative state in Tallaght Hospital.

Meanwhile, gardaí are continuing to question two men in connection with last Thursday’s tiger kidnapping in Dublin, in which more than €280,000 was taken.

The two were among five men arrested by gardaí last Saturday. The other three men were released from custody on Sunday night.

Detectives believe the two still in custody are the main players in the crime. They are suspected of being involved in previous tiger kidnappings.

Gardaí are thought to have recovered almost €100,000 in cash during weekend searches, which they believe is linked to the robbery. In one case, a man was stopped by gardaí with €15,000 in cash on his way to buy a car.


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