Revenge ‘not motive’ for wife of councillor

The wife of a former town councillor accused of receiving €80,000 in corrupt payments has denied in court that “revenge” was her motive for telling a TD and gardaí about her “suspicions” about her husband.

Jenny Forsey agreed in Waterford Circuit Court that she was “furious” when she discovered that her husband, Fred Forsey Jr, had “another partner” in late 2006 but said she was calm by the time she went to John Deasy TD in Apr 2007 to tell him what she knew about her husband’s “dealings” with a property developer.

Former Fine Gael councillor Mr Forsey, aged 42, of Coolagh Rd, Abbeyside, Dungarvan, Co Waterford, has pleaded not guilty to receiving €60,000, €10,000, and €10,000 in three corrupt payments from a developer in 2006.

Mrs Forsey said she had suspected her husband of having another partner during Sept 2006, and then Mr Forsey sent their 15-year-old daughter a text “meant for his partner”.

Their marriage was “breaking down” by then, she said, and she has not spoken to Mr Forsey since Dec 2006.

Mrs Forsey denied that she deliberately drove into a wall outside the house where Mr Forsey moved after he left their home, but agreed that she “ripped up presents” bought by his new partner for the Forseys’ three children.

This was before Christmas 2006, when she called to the house and Mr Forsey said the woman was not present.

“You were furious,” John Phelan SC, defending, said to the witness.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Hell hath no fury, would that be a good description?” he asked.

“I’m sure it would,” said Mrs Forsey.

She agreed she “attacked” Mr Forsey’s new partner. Her reason for this was “fury”, she said.

Mr Phelan said he now had “a picture” of why Mrs Forsey went to Mr Deasy and made a statement to the guards. “Revenge,” he said.

“No,” said Mrs Forsey. “I didn’t approach Mr Deasy or the guards until April. That’s four months later. I didn’t rush into the town or rush into the Garda station as a woman scorned.”

She said she “voiced my suspicions” to Mr Deasy in Apr 2007.

In Dec 2006, she loaned Mr Forsey €10,000 for his driving instruction business. However, when he did not repay within a week or two, she threatened to go to the guards “about his dealings with [the developer]”.

Earlier in her evidence, Mrs Forsey said her husband had a number of meetings with the developer, who wanted a piece of land outside Dungarvan rezoned, in summer and autumn of 2006. He told her he wanted to “get in” with this developer, who was “a very wealthy man”.

The couple and their children went on holiday to Rome in Aug 2006, when Mrs Forsey thought they did not have the money to go abroad and Mr Forsey told her the developer had “lodged €30,000 in his account”.

There was “never any question” of repaying the money, she said, but she later agreed Mr Forsey never said the money was not a loan from the developer.


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