Noonan: Internment not the solution

INTERNMENT was not the way to deal with violent gangs, Limerick TD Michael Noonan said yesterday, when he supported proposed new bugging and surveillance laws.

Mr Noonan said we should continue to have a society governed by law and have stronger laws to help meet the gang threat.

“We should, as far as possible, retain the principle of due process, whereby a person is investigated, arrested, charged, taken before the courts and convicted. I think that’s the best way to go. If you look at the records of the guards in Limerick I can’t think of a single murder, of the 16 or 17 that have occurred over the last number of years, where the gardaí haven’t got a conviction.”

He added: “I believe the package of measures now being proposed by the Government, if they have the courage to see them through over the next couple of months, will make internment unnecessary.”


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