Man went at gun after garda find

WHEN told a handgun had been found in garda searches of his back garden, a Limerick man, whose grandson is on trial for murder, tried to get at the weapon, the Central Criminal Court, sitting in Limerick heard.

Greg Crawford, aged 23, of St Munchin’s Street, St Mary’s Park, Limerick, denies murdering Gareth Brosnan-Grant, aged 25, at St Ita’s Street, St Mary’s Park, Limerick, on October 8, 2007.

On the day after the murder, a garda search was carried out in the back garden of 97 St Munchin’s St, St Mary’s Park, where Paddy and Catherine Kennedy, grandparents of Greg Crawford, resided. During the search, a gun was discovered wrapped in a glove.

Garda Pat Tobin said they brought the discovery to the attention of Mr Kennedy and asked him out into the back garden to show the gun to him.

Some time later, Mr Kennedy came back down the garden and attempted to enter the scene where the gun was found and made a move as to get to handle the gun. He was prevented from doing so by Garda Tobin and Sergeant Seamus O’Neill, then left the scene.

Garda Martin Hennessy said he was a member of the search team when they went to search the garden.

Hugh Hartnett SC, for Crawford, put it to Garda Hennessy that when the gun was found their primary role was to preserve the scene and not to touch or interfere with it.

Garda Hennessy said that with a gun they had to make it safe first, as safety was paramount.

Garda Sean Glennan, who was also in the search team, said he removed the magazine and saw live rounds of ammunition as the breech was open.

On doing so he deemed the gun to be safe and it was placed in a box.

The trial continues.


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