Mahon boxer convicted of punching ex-partner

IRISH middleweight champion boxer Spike O’Sullivan has been convicted of punching his ex-partner during a domestic incident outside her home.

Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan, 25, of 23 Inchera Lawn, Mahon, Cork, denied assaulting Sharon Cronin at Ballinsheen Court on August 8 last year.

Witness Yvonne Gabriel looked out her front window that afternoon when she heard shouting from a man and a woman.

Ms Gabriel testified yesterday at Cork District Court how she could see “Spike” hitting the victim with his left hand.

“He was punching her into the face. I could see her spinning around. She (Sharon) screamed at me to call the guards, I said I already called them.

“Spike was saying, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with her. She’s crazy’. He was saying she was making it up, that he hadn’t done anything to her. But I saw him. He struck her. He punched her into the jaw. It was really aggressive. She spun right around.”

Judge Olann Kelleher convicted O’Sullivan of the assault and fined him €300. Defence solicitorEddie Burke indicated that the case would be appealed.

O’Sullivan completely denied the assault and said he was the one who was assaulted by Ms Cronin with a computer game.

“She caught me by the back of the neck, she had a plastic Nintendo DS in her hand and she struck me with that,” he said.

As for how she ended up on the ground outside her house, he said: “She slipped and fell straight down on the ground by the wall. Sharon started screaming, ‘you fucking knocked me out’. She was trying to hit me and she slipped. I am a boxer, I put up my left hand to protect myself... It was not a hook or a jab, it was just holding my arm up to defend myself,” he said under cross-examination by Inspector Pat Meaney.

Asked to describe the photographs of Ms Cronin’s injuries, he said: “It does not look like a punch from a boxer. And if you were in a temper you would not be doing something measured.”

David Corcoran, who was selling insurance in the area at the time, said Spike O’Sullivan did not strike Ms Cronin. He said he knew the O’Sullivan family and coincidentally used to work with Ms Cronin’s father too. Insp Meaney said to Mr Corcoran: “You have everything on Spike’s side of the story.”

Mr Corcoran replied, “I would hope you are not suggesting I am lying.”

Detective Sergeant Malachy White and Det Garda Seán Stack saw that Ms Cronin had facial injuries when they arrived on the scene five minutes after the assault.


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