Irishman charged with politician’s assault

An Irishman was yesterday charged with aggravated assault after an Australian politician was allegedly kicked in the back during a press conference about tougher laws on alcohol- fuelled violence.

Footage of the incident was captured by Australia’s Nine News team. It shows that just as Northern Territory shadow attorney general John Elferink began to take part in a briefing to journalists in Darwin, a man approached from behind and appeared to strike him.

The politician, a former policeman, tried to restrain the man and perform a citizen’s arrest.

“I’m apprehending you and waiting for the police to arrive,” he told him. “You have no right to do what you just did.”

Then as he is holding him, two other men, at least one of whom also appears to be Irish, approaches.

There is a further scuffle and Mr Elferink wrestles his alleged attacker to the ground. One of the other men gets the politician in a neck-hold and pulls him off the man he is detaining before the attacker and the third man ran off.

Nine News said two men have been arrested and police are viewing its footage to see if they can identify the third culprit.

An Irishman, 28, was charged with aggravated assault and released. He is due to appear in court in September. The second man was also charged with aggravated assault.

Mr Elferink was quoted by Australia’s ABC news channel as saying: “I’m 6ft tall and fairly robust and probably better equipped than a lot of other people to get involved in these sorts of things and it’s a judgment call.

“I could have continued to wrestle with this bloke yesterday but I chose to let him go.”


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