Enforcer ‘shot on crime boss’s orders’

Gardaí are investigating new information suggesting gang enforcer Andy Barry was shot dead on the orders of his own crime boss.

This line of enquiry emerged overnight following reports that Barry, 31, wanted to step up the ladder and take over the drug business after the crime boss continued moves to go into the money recovery business.

This has emerged as a third theory behind the gun attack at Barry’s home in Kilcock, Co Kildare, which also claimed the life of a 26-year-old Lithuanian, named yesterday as Zilvinas Varnauskas, from River Valley, Swords, north Dublin.

Two other men, a Kildare man and a second Lithuanian, narrowly escaped with their lives after also being shot by two gunmen.

Gardaí said Mr Varnauskas had entered the house just minutes before the gunmen opened fire. He ran into the back garden, where he was shot in the back.

He managed to climb over a wall into a neighbour’s back garden before he collapsed and died.

Gardaí are investigating a number of lines of inquiry:

* The shooting was part of a feud with a rival drug gang in Tallaght, west Dublin, and in retaliation for a gun attack on a house there.

* There was a falling-out between Barry and another criminal over a woman.

* Barry had a row with his crime boss after he tried to take over the drug empire.

His boss, who also lives in Kildare, has operated one of the biggest drug trafficking networks in the country for many years and supplies a number of large drug gangs in Dublin and nationally.

Detectives are investigating reports the crime boss wanted to move more into the semi-legitimate money recovery business and step back from the drugs trade.

However, he was not happy when Barry, who is also a step-relation, tried to move up from being an enforcer to taking over the business.

A second line of enquiry centres on a turf war with an extended crime family in Jobstown, Tallaght. There was a scuffle between Barry and his gang and this family outside their home last December, during which a member of the family fired shots into the air.


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