I don’t have to hide anymore, says Garrido victim

A PREVIOUS victim of the man accused of kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard has spoken of her ordeal at the hands of the rapist and her relief at his latest arrest.

Katie Callaway Hall said the capture of Phillip Garrido – who subjected her to an eight-hour long attack in 1976 – had “closed a chapter” in her life and meant she no longer needed to hide.

It comes as forensic investigators completed their search of Garrido’s home and neighbouring properties for evidence connecting him to a string of unsolved crimes. They found a small bone fragment at a house next door to the compound in which Garrido and his wife held Ms Dugard for 18 years after her 1991 abduction.

On Friday, Phillip Garrido, 58 – who is accused of fathering two children with the captive – and his wife Nancy, 55, were charged with 29 counts including kidnap, rape and false imprisonment.

The pair pleaded not guilty to the charges.

They were arrested last week after Garrido admitted under questioning by a parole officer to kidnapping Ms Dugard from outside her Californian home, when the girl was just 11-years-old.

She was held for almost two decades in buildings in the couple’s back garden and is believed to have given birth to two children – now aged 11 and 15 – fathered by her captor.

News of Garrido’s arrest was met by shock and relief by Ms Hall.

She was held against her will and raped in 1976 after Garrido asked for a ride, claiming his car had broken down.

After getting into the car he attacked Ms Hall, handcuffing her and taking her to a warehouse storage shed filled with pornography, sex toys and a mattress.

She escaped hours later after a police officer banged on the door of the building she was being held in.

Garrido was later convicted of rape and kidnap and served 10 years in jail for the attack.

Speaking on CNN’s Larry King Live, Ms Hall said when she heard the news of his latest arrest she started screaming and shouting: “Oh my God, oh my God, it’s him.”

She continued: “In many ways, the capture of Phillip Garrido has closed a chapter in my life.

“I don’t have to hide anymore. I don’t have to live every day of my life wondering if he is looking for me. I am finally free from the fear I have lived with since the day I learned he was paroled.”

Ms Hall spoke of the lasting pain resulting from her ordeal, but said she couldn’t begin to imagine what Ms Dugard had gone through.

She told CNN: I can’t imagine what Jaycee is going through. He had me for eight hours. He had her for 18 years. I was an adult, with instincts that helped me deal with the situation. She was a child. This is going to be with her for the rest of her life.”

Ms Hall added: “With all the joy I should feel, I want to scream from the depths of my soul. Scream because my fears turned out to be justified – he struck again.”

Details of Garrido’s testimony during the 1977 trial for kidnapping Ms Hall have also emerged.

In it he admitted to leering at girls as young as seven and having rape fantasies.

He testified: “I had this fantasy that was driving me to do this, inside of me; something that was making me want to do it without – no way to stop it.”

After the Garridos’ arrests last week, FBI agents, local officers and sniffer dogs combed their home in Antioch, California, for possible links to the unsolved murders of a number of prostitutes in the Californian city of Pittsburgh.

A bone fragment was found on Sunday at a next door neighbour’s property, to which Garrido had access to.

Police have said it will take several weeks of testing to determine if the piece is human and if so when it dates from.


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