Huge clean-up operation at illegal rubbish tip in regeneration area

A massive clean-up operation is continuing to clear a near 10-acre illegal rubbish tip in a Limerick housing estate. Workers are in the process of removing hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the site in St Mary’s Park.

The housing estate, with up to 460 houses both privately and local authority owned, is one of the city’s regeneration estates.

The unlawful and indiscriminate dumping, on an extensive tract of neglected open space, had been continuing for almost 30 years.

The Environmental Protection Agency was notified and its officials have inspected the area. Limerick City and County Council brought in special equipment to identify any potential toxic materials. The waste includes the remains of dead animals.

Huge clean-up operation at illegal rubbish tip in regeneration area

Work to clear and help restore the previously- neglected site is expected to continue for a further nine weeks. Most of the dumping includes general domestic waste along with a lot of metal objects.

When all the waste is removed, it is envisaged the local authority will level the ground and restore it as an open green area. Limerick City County Council said the site had been used for illegal dumping for years. The area was well known as a location for fly-tipping.

A council spokesman emphasised the site had not been subjected to organised dumping by any company or individuals.

Huge clean-up operation at illegal rubbish tip in regeneration area

“There had been long-term plans for the site but the dumping had continued on and off and accepted as the norm locally. There was no individual responsible for the illegal dumping.

“The council is currently engaged in the remediation of the area in St Mary’s Park that has been the subject of illegal dumping over many years. The status of the site has been established as in need of remediation in line with the requirements of the EPA code of practice for such sites. The area of the site is approx 40,000sq/m,” said the spokesman.

Huge clean-up operation at illegal rubbish tip in regeneration area

The council said a contract had been awarded for the remediation subsequent to a public tender process. Works are expected to be complete by late October. The excavated material will be recycled to remove the waste.

The council spokesman said the site will be replaced with clean soil and the planned new surface reseeded with grass.


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