Heartbroken family tells how ‘monster’ double murderer has ruined their lives

A family ruined. The hastened death of a father. A huge breach of trust. And anger at the apparent lack of remorse in a man convicted of murdering a mother and her daughter.

Tears flowed freely at the Central Criminal Court, yesterday, which heard powerful victim impact statements from the family of Jolanta Lubiene, aged 27, and her daughter, Enrika, 8, of whose murders fellow Lithuanian Aurimas Andruska was found guilty by a jury.

They were stabbed to death in their home at 9 Langford Downs, Killorglin, Co Kerry, in June 2013.

Jolanta Lubiene’s sister, Kristina Kuleviceine, who lives near Killorglin, and met her sister almost every day, called the accused man a monster and said he had taken not only Jolanta and her beloved niece Enrika’s lives, but had ruined her whole family.

The murders had made her father give up his fight against cancer and robbed her mother’s “beautiful smile”.

She recalled going to Jolanta’s home after the murders and said the pain she felt inside hurt so much that she just wanted to die herself. “I just couldn’t believe that this was the truth, that this was real and not just a really bad dream.”

In her victim impact statement, she also criticised the picture painted of Jolanta during the trial, saying many of the things that were said about Jolanta were not true, including what was said by people who pretended to be Jolanta’s friends.

“I do not say to you that Jolanta was perfect, but to be fair, I do not think that there are many of us who are really that perfect. We all make mistakes.”

Her sister was a very trusting person and she trusted Aurimas Andruska, who simply came to collect DVDs her sister was giving away before going back to Lithuania.

“But she made a mistake to be so trusting and Aurimas Andruska not only broke her trust, he destroyed it,” she added.

“She was a decent person. She was a fantastic mother, sister, daughter and wife. Jolanta was the best friend you or anyone could have. Everyone loved her as a friend.”

Anger and despair took over when she thought of how Andruska “butchered” a young mother and a beautiful little girl for no reason at all in the safety of their own home. “I have had to sit in court for over five weeks and watch him. I have seen how he has shown no sign of his guilt and no sign of remorse.”

Outside the court afterwards, Ms Kuleviceine told reporters the last three days of the trial were the longest, as they waited for the case to finish and a verdict. She also said they hoped the accused would never be allowed among the public again.

Andruska, dressed in jeans and a grey sweater, showed no emotion when the victim impact statements were being read. His mother, Virginija, who met briefly with Jolanta’s mother, Ramute, after the hearing, spoke with him before he was led away by prison officers to start two concurrent life sentences.


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