Síle reveals her cancer battle

Síle Seoige has revealed she is fighting thyroid cancer, admitting that the diagnosis “chills you to the core”.

The 32-year-old RTÉ and Newstalk presenter said she “believes in my heart and soul” she will beat the condition she has been battling for six months.

Síle, a Galway native, revealed the personal crisis in an attempt to end speculation over why she had reduced her public appearances recently.

Speaking about the ordeal to a weekend newspaper, Síle said an initial biopsy two years ago — insisted on by St Vincent’s Hospital surgeon Denis Evoy — came back negative.

However, during a routine check-up last September the same physician told her the news she had feared.

“It wasn’t what I was expecting him to say, but he said: ‘There is no other way to say this — you have thyroid cancer, we need to go right in and take the whole gland out’,” Síle revealed.

However, while Síle believes she will win the physical battle, she said the mental ordeal will take just as long to overcome.

“Hearing that word [cancer] chills you to the core. But what I would say is if you’re worried about anything, get it checked, follow your gut, talk to somebody. Just don’t be afraid to discuss it.

“It was just sort of a blur. Really I am just getting over it.

“I found telling my parents incredibly difficult and, out of all the people through this whole experience, they would be the ones I’d be most concerned about.

“If anything, it has been a bizarre blessing because it makes you realise what is really important in life — my relationships with my boyfriend and family and friends.”

Thyroid cancer is a rare cancer that generally affects people in middle age or older, with roughly 150 people in Ireland diagnosed with the condition every year.

It is more common in women than men.

* Further details are available from the Irish Cancer Society at www.cancer.ie, or its free phone National Cancer Help Line 1800 200 700.


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