Liam wins bravery award after saving brother’s life

A boy who saved his brother’s life by pulling him from a swimming pool has won a bravery award.

Liam McCormack, aged 7, instinctively dived in when his two-year-old brother, Rhys, fell into a swimming pool, saving him from drowning.

Liam, from Drogheda, was on holiday in Alicante in August with his parents Eileen and David, both 37, his twin Lennon and Rhys.

“If Liam wasn’t there, Rhys would have drowned,” said Eileen.

“The quick thinking of Liam saved him. Rhys didn’t have any arm bands on and didn’t know how to swim. Only for Liam he wouldn’t be here today.

“I thought it was an amazing thing to save his brother when he jumped into a pool.”

Eileen said the family was eating beside the pool. Rhys, who had a bottle of juice, was playing near the pool. Liam was with him.

She said the boys were watching “a man cleaning the pool and he was putting something into the pool, I think it was chlorine. Rhys then decided to put his bottle into the pool.

“The bottle fell in and Rhys went into the pool after it. Liam jumped straight in, got Rhys and put his arm around his stomach and pulled Rhys back up.

“The pool was full of water. They don’t put a cover on the pool at night. Therefore it’s quite dangerous.”

Eileen said Liam was a confident swimmer. The accident happened close to the end of their holiday, so he was used to being in the pool every day.

Liam seemed unaware of the significance of what he had done. “An hour or two later when I was talking to Liam about it, I broke down roaring and crying,” said Eileen. “I told him I wasn’t crying because I was sad, but because I was happy about what he did.”

The bonds of brotherhood came naturally to Liam. “He was trying to pick up his bottle and he fell in,” said Liam. “I went in and got him out because he was my brother.”

Eileen nominated Liam for a Louth People of the Year award and was thrilled when he won the award in the bravery category.


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