Headbutt on Christmas night out

A headbutt at a Christmas night out resulted in the victim having to get six stitches to a wound over his eye.

The man responsible brought €1,300 compensation to Cork District Court for the injured party. He apologised and said through his solicitor that he had no recollection of what he had done.

Eoin Fleming, aged 34, of 3 Willowdale, Cross Douglas Rd, Cork, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Alan Daly at East Village bar in Douglas on December 12, 2013. Insp Brian O’Donovan said the parties were in the pub when Fleming headbutted the injured party.

The inspector said that the defendant also punched Mr Daly.

Eddie Burke, defence solicitor, said the defendant had to be told what happened on the night as he had too much to drink and could not remember what he had done.

“But the camera never lies and when he was shown the CCTV he admitted that the person seen assaulting Mr Daly was himself [Fleming]. He had to be told what happened.

"Everyone appeared to be in good form and drinking and gathered in the bar area. There might have been something said. It does not excuse his behaviour.”

Judge Grainne O’Neill said the man could do 100 hours of community service instead of three months in prison.


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