Guitar player is given two-month term for burglary

A Cork man who asked for his community service to include playing the guitar was jailed for two months yesterday for a burglary committed last month.

Judge Olann Kelleher yesterday recalled the accused from a previous court case in January, saying: “You’re the man who wanted to play guitar on his community service.”

However, there was no second offer of community service made by the judge to Alfred Purcell yesterday.

The judge imposed a two-month prison sentence on the accused for a burglary.

Inspector John Deasy said the crime was committed on August 21 at a house at Ryefield, Whitechurch, Co Cork.

While Purcell admitted the crime, he claimed that the house was deserted.

Purcell had more than 100 previous convictions.

In January, Judge Kelleher said the accused could do community service for causing a drunken disturbance. Purcell asked if he could play guitar.

Judge Kelleher told Purcell at the time it was a matter for the probation service to decide the nature of the work which would have to be done as part of the community service order.

Purcell explained that he played guitar for a community group. “Your honour, if I can carry on playing the guitar,” Purcell suggested when ordered to do 220 hours of work.

Donal Daly, solicitor, said Purcell believed his drink was spiked on the occasion, prompting him to cause the public disturbance.

Inspector John Deasy said in January that the accused was seen at Great William O’Brien St, Cork, acting aggressively, and being verbally abusive. He raised his fists in an aggressive manner at gardaí.

His past convictions include aggravated burglary, blackmail, and assault causing harm.

If Purcell is to play guitar in the next two months, it will have to be behind bars.


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