Gran’s gesture helps raise funds for Jamie’s eye op

A generous 70-year-old grandmother has asked family and friends to donate money from intending gifts for her 70th birthday to a fund for a complete stranger seeking eye surgery.

The kind gesture was made by Belulah Morris from Kells, Co Meath.

At a party last week to mark her big day, she had asked everyone to donate cash to send a teenager to America for surgery to save his eyesight.

And yesterday, Jamie Power Disney, 18, who suffers with bi-lateral optic atrophy, travelled from his home in nearby Oldcastle to give Belulah a huge hug and say thanks.

Belulah revealed: “My sister-in-law showed me the front page of our local newspaper The Royal County Echo, which featured Jamie’s efforts to raise the €25,000. I just thought I have to do something to help.

“I wouldn’t have much spare cash myself so I came up with this idea and we managed to raise just over €1,000. It’s not a lot but, as they say on that TV advert, every little helps. Having met him now I can see he’s a genuinely lovely young man, and I really hope it works out for him.”

Jamie said: “My mum rang to tell me what Belulah did and I nearly cried. It was such a good gesture, if I have discovered anything during all this it is that there are some really decent people out there.”

The disease means football-mad Jamie struggles on the pitch when the opposition has similar colours to his own side.

The operation normally costs hundreds of thousands of euro but, as Jamie has been chosen for a clinical trial, it will cost €25,000.

His mother Angie said: “We are currently up to €14,000 with two weeks to go, we are thinking of applying to the local Credit Union for a loan to cover the rest but myself and Jamie were absolutely taken aback at Belulah’s gesture — it was just incredible to do something like that for somebody she had never met.”


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