Girl: I was abused on the day of my junior cert

A woman recalled yesterday to a jury how a “really close” business friend of her father stated sexually abusing her when she was just 13.

When she asked why he was doing these things to her, he said he was trying to teach her sexual things for later on in life.

In evidence at Limerick Circuit Court, she said one day that really stood out was the first day of her Junior Certificate.

Her mother was working and the accused came to bring her to school for her exam. After arriving at her family home he rolled up her skirt, pulled down his trousers and put his penis into her vagina.

She said: “It hurt the most and I screamed at him to stop and he would not. I eventually pushed him away and ran upstairs and remember crying my eyes out. And I then had to take a lift with him to school and sit my exam. I felt very sore and having to do my Junior Cert exam. It was just horrible.”

The accused, now aged 71, has pleaded not guilty at Limerick Circuit Court to sexual assault and defilement (having sexual intercourse) of the woman when she was under the age of 15 and under the age of 17.

There are 30 charges in total and the offences are alleged to have occurred at various locations in Co Clare and Co Limerick between June 2009 and June 2011.

The sexual assaults began in a house the accused rented a few miles from her home. She remembered these events as they happened at the time of Michael Jackson’s death.

He put her on a bed and on a couch where he would sit and move on her with their clothes on. His penis would be hard and she could feel it under his pants.

Things, she said, escalated at a business premises in Co Limerick where he took down her trousers on several occasions and put the head of his penis into her vagina. Her hymen was not broken.

On other occasions, she took her parents dogs for walks in an isolated area of Co Clare. The accused drove her and the dogs using her father’s van.

He would ‘feel’ her up, put his finger in her vagina and then put his penis in her vagina. This went on over a few months and she was 15 at the time.

At a rented apartment, she said the accused pulled down his trousers, pulled down her jeans and put his finger and penis into her vagina.

He put her sitting on her lap inserting his penis into the vagina.

When she refused him on one occasion he kissed her forcibly which gave her a pain in her jaw.

She said: “He would pull my pubes or squish my face up and try to kiss me. I remember it because my face was always sore afterwards. I was basically just a dummy. I didn’t say or do much. I knew the basics of what was going on, but I did not fully understand. I was so young and was having this older man do this to me.”

The trial continues.


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