Gerry Adams reveals the naked truth of his hi-jinks

A political somersault is one thing, but the notion of Gerry Adams bouncing naked on a trampoline might suggest he has gone to the dogs, but not so, according to the Sinn Féin leader.

He has swapped walking the dog for trampolining with it, he told Seán Moncrief on Newstalk yesterday. Mr Adams revealed something of the man behind the politics, discussing his hobbies and Twitter persona.

In a tweet, the Sinn Féin leader said: “I’ve had a busy beautiful morning. Trampolining from dawn. Peeling spuds. Listening 2 Joan Baez. Chopping turnip&carrots. Off 2 Mullingar.”

After Moncrief read out a series of tweets, ending with the above — the conversation quickly turned to his passion for trampolining: “Yeah, I do it naked,” said Mr Adams.

“I don’t do it with any great expertise, just the joy of it — the dog does it with me.” While he enjoys hillwalking, Adams said that it’s easier to take the dog for a “bounce” than a walk.

“The dog loves it. In fact, I caught the dog doing it on his own. Two dogs belong to my grandchildren. They got a new one at Christmas, but they are not very good at cleaning up, so that falls on me. I have had a dog since I was four or five, so I wouldn’t be without one. We trampoline when we get together, to make up for lost time. I get home most weekends, sometimes not for the entire weekend. There is something special about hillwalking with a dog.

After revealing that the dog can do flips on the trampoline, Mr Adams was asked if he can do any tricks. He replied: “I don’t want to discuss it publicly — but yes.”

When it was put to him that he is a bit of a ‘hippie’ at heart — he said the label had been attached to him in the media, but he wants to clarify that he is not a hippie.

Asked if he had a position on the legalisation of cannabis, Mr Adams replied: “you don’t need it if you’re trampolining”.


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