Gardaí examine if Drumcondra gangland murder is linked to feud

Gardaí are investigating if yesterday’s gangland murder on Dublin’s northside is related to a violent feud between major drug gangs, which have tentacles here and abroad.

The victim, Paul Kavanagh, aged 29, is the nephew of Gerard Kavanagh, who was murdered in Spain last September. He was a senior lieutenant in an international trafficking gang led by Dubliner Christy Kinahan in Spain.

This network has been involved in an increasingly violent feud with a drug gang based in Drimnagh, south Dublin, where both Paul and Gerard Kavanagh came from.

Gardaí are also investigating if the killing was in revenge for the murder of Mickey Devoy in Tallaght in January 2014.

Gardaí had intelligence that a close associate of Devoy, just released from prison, had vowed to avenge that murder. Gardaí suspect Devoy’s murder was carried out by a crime boss linked to Gerard Kavanagh.

Senior officers across Dublin are now bracing themselves for further violence after the death of Paul Kavanagh, a father-of-two.

He was in the driver’s side of a vehicle, with an associate in the passenger’s seat, when a car rammed into them on Church Avenue, a quiet road in Drumcondra, on Dublin’s northside, at around 11.30am yesterday.

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It is thought Kavanagh was living in a nearby house with his partner. Gardaí suspect his killers had been waiting for him.

The attackers, wearing balaclavas, approached Kavanagh’s car and fired shots in through the driver’s window, fatally injuring Kavanagh. The associate was injured, but not seriously.

Gardaí said the attackers crashed their Audi A3 getaway car and were forced to set it alight and make their escape on foot.

Gardaí in Ballymun have launched a major investigation and are drawing up avenues of inquiry.

A main line will be the feud between the Kinahan gang and the outfit based in Drimnagh. Gardaí suspect that Gerard Kavanagh’s murder in Spain could be part of that feud.

Detectives are also investigating if the killing might be linked to the murder of Mickey Devoy.

Devoy had been put in the frame for a gun attack on a south inner-city drug boss linked to Kavanagh and was killed in retaliation.

An associate of Devoy was recently released from prison and gardaí had intelligence that he had vowed revenge.

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