Gardaí predict retaliation over Gary Hutch murder

Gary Hutch: Gardaí believe that a criminal outfit will seek revengefor his killing in Spain on Thursday.

Gardaí predict that a powerful criminal outfit will seek revenge for the gangland murder of Gary Hutch in southern Spain on Thursday.

The Irish Examiner understands that a boxing match in November in Dublin is a possible flashpoint, as members of the drug trafficking syndicate suspected of being behind the murder are expected to fly over to attend.

Hutch, 34, was from a well- known family in Dublin’s north inner city and was connected to a powerful extended criminal network in the area.

His uncle is former crime boss Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, who paid almost €2m in a tax settlement to the Criminal Assets Bureau in 2001 for suspected proceeds from armed robbery.

It is understood that the Monk is now largely living in Spain and that his wife lives in the family home in leafy Clontarf, north Dublin.

The deceased’s brother, Derek, is currently in jail on multiple convictions for manslaughter, a cash-in-transit robbery, and gun offences. Hutch was shot dead at an apartment complex in Miraflores on the Costa del Sol at around 11.30am. He had been living in Spain for eight years.

Gardaí predict retaliation over Gary Hutch murder

Senior gardaí believe he was killed by the so-called Christy Kinahan mob, one of the biggest Irish gangs involved in drug trafficking and money laundering.

This gang was thought to have been behind a botched attempt on his life in August 2014 in the same area.

Hutch was a senior member of that gang and was suspected of supplying drugs into Dublin for them.

“It’s all about the supply chain and territory,” one Garda source said.

“The deceased was a line to the Kinahans, but he was also doing his own thing.”

He said the Kinahan gang may have “overstepped the line” in killing him.

“They have may bitten off more than they can chew. His associates are not going to take this lying down, without a shadow of a doubt.

“They have money and have very good connections, both here and across Europe.”

The Angel de Miraflores hotel, where Dublin gangster Gary Hutch was shot dead on Thursday
The Angel de Miraflores hotel, where Dublin gangster Gary Hutch was shot dead on Thursday

Gardaí expect a major funeral will be held for him in the Hutch’s home patch, where associates will have an opportunity to discuss retaliation.

Members of the Kinahan gang are heavily involved in boxing and a match involving a boxer attached to their club is due to fight in Dublin in November.

Gardaí suspect some of the Kinahan gang may come for that, which could provide a potential flashpoint.

It is expected that a significant Garda surveillance operation may be put in place for that.

The murder is the latest in a number of gangland killings associated with the Kinahan gang. Last March, Paul Kavanagh was shot dead in Drumcondra, north Dublin. Gardaí suspect he may have been killed by the Kinahan gang over a drug row. The previous September, his older brother, Gerard ‘Hatchet’ Kavanagh, was shot dead in a pub near Marbella.

He had been a senior member of the Kinahan gang and is thought to have fallen foul of them.


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