Gardaí hospitalised after ‘savage’ attack by youths

Gardaí should be given Tasers, says representative body.

A female garda suffered serious facial injuries and a male garda was headbutted in a “savage assault” by a gang of youths in Dublin overnight on Thursday.

The Garda Representative Association said the use of Tasers should be “seriously examined” and called for gardaí to be given body cameras.

The attack followed the ramming of a Garda car in Kerry on Wednesday, in which two gardaí were hospitalised.

In Thursday’s assault in Dublin’s north inner city, a gang of five to six youths, aged 16 to 20, jumped on two unarmed gardaí on foot patrol in Stoneybatter.

The female garda was punched in the face and punched and kicked in the body. Her male colleague was headbutted and punched in the face and kicked and punched in the upper body.

The female garda underwent a series of X-rays in the Mater Hospital, but it is thought no facial bones were broken. However, she suffered serious bruising and swelling to her face and bruising to her body.

The male garda received a cut above his eye from the headbutt and received stitches. He also suffered bruising to the upper body. There were unconfirmed reports that he is getting married next month.

The gardaí came across the youths on Manor St at midnight. They were said to be misbehaving and smoking cannabis.

When the male garda took a joint away from them, two to three youths attacked the gardaí. After the assault, the gardaí called for assistance.

Garda units responded and identified three youths and one was arrested.

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) said it was “absolutely incensed” by the “savage attack”. In a statement, it said: “Two gardaí, a male and a female, were set upon by a gang and brutally assaulted. This attack was unprovoked and totally indiscriminate.

“This incident shows the perils gardaí face on a daily basis. We have no idea what lies ahead of us when we arrive at work every day.”

The statement said that in the last week, a number of members received death threats in Kildare, while two others were rammed by criminals near Killarney.

The GRA said that it was vital the use of Tasers was “seriously examined” by frontline members; it called for body-worn cameras to be supplied to all gardaí; and for mandatory minimum sentences for assaulting emergency staff.


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