Garda: Accused’s stepson had ‘death wish’

The trial of a man charged with murdering his stepson has heard that the deceased had a death wish due to feelings of guilt about his missing sister, Amy Fitzpatrick.

The court heard earlier that the accused, David Mahon, had voiced the possibility that Dean Fitzpatrick had walked into the knife he was holding on purpose.

Mr Mahon, aged 45, has pleaded not guilty at the Central Criminal Court to murdering the father of one on May 26, 2013, a day after the deceased interfered with his bicycle to annoy him.

The 23-year-old received a stab wound to the abdomen outside the apartment that his mother shared with Mr Mahon at Burnell Square, Northern Cross, Dublin.

Detective Sergeant Eddie Carroll testified yesterday that the gardaí had acquired Mr Fitzpatrick’s file from North Dublin Mental Health Services after hearing Mr Mahon’s account of his relationship with his stepson.

Det Sgt Carroll said Mr Fitzpatrick had told medical personnel that his substance abuse began when he was 11 and included the abuse of hash, cocaine, and tablets.

He reported in 2010 he had had a death wish and admitted himself to St Ita’s Hospital, Portrane in 2011. He was discharged in weeks.

He reported the next year that he had self-harmed or attempted to do so by cutting himself.

He was prescribed an anti-psychotic.

Under cross-examination by the defence, Det Carroll confirmed the death wish Mr Fitzpatrick had expressed was over feelings of guilt he had over his missing sister, and that he reported gaining release from cutting himself.

Detective Garda Brendan Mears testified he interviewed Mr Mahon after his arrest on May 26. He was asked if he had seen a solicitor and he said he had.

“They said not to say anything but, look, I’ve nothing to hide. It’s my fault. I can’t believe it. What will Audrey say? 23 years of age. Jesus Christ,” he said. He was referring to his then partner, now wife, and Dean’s mother, Audrey Fitzpatrick.

The prosecution has now closed its case. The trial continues before Ms Justice Margaret Heneghan.


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