GAA star makes defibrillator call after dad is saved

Conor Gormley: Swift action was the difference for my father.

Former Tyrone star Conor Gormley has called on all sports clubs to ensure defibrillators are installed at grounds after his father’s life was saved during a match at the weekend.

Sean Gormley suffered a heart seizure while watching Carrickmore’s Division One league game at Ardboe on Friday evening.

He was immediately attended to by local medical personnel using the Ardboe club’s defibrillator.

Conor, who was playing in the game, was among those who rushed to his father’s aid. Following emergency treatment at the scene, Mr Gormley was taken by ambulance to Craigavon Area Hospital, where he was recovering last night .

“If the defibrillator hadn’t been there, it might have been a totally different story,” said Conor. “It shows the importance of it, and having it ready and available at every club. You just never know when it’s going to be called upon.

“Thankfully it was there on Friday night, and it made a big difference for us as a family and as a club.”

The treble All-Ireland winner paid tribute to members of the club.

“As a family, we’re really appreciative of Ardboe, for their swift actions to bring out the defibrillator, and they did great work, along with one of our own club members,” he said.

Without all that sort of swift action and swift thinking, we could have been dealing with a different story.

“There were three or four girls from Ardboe, and they were exceptional in the work that they did, and a big massive thank you to them.

“He’s recovering well and doing well, and a big thanks to the staff up there as well, and the ambulance staff, who were on the scene as well, for their swift action, and keeping everybody calm and cool, because it wasn’t easy dealing with it.”

Conor said the manner in which the incident was handled, along with messages of support, demonstrates the unique bond that exists within the GAA.

“It just shows the importance of the GAA community, the GAA family, how great it is,” he said. “I have been receiving messages from different clubs and people.

“You often hear stories about the GAA family, but when something like that happens, you just see how important it is. It makes you appreciate what we have in this country in the GAA.”


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