GAA players to support Yes side in referendum

The Gaelic Players Association is gearing up to support a yes vote in the forthcoming marriage referendum, the Irish Examiner has learned.

The player body polled its members by text in recent days on whether they favoured the GPA supporting a yes vote in the referendum, which takes place on May 22, and the response was about six to one in favour. The text to players read: ‘Are you in favour of the GPA publicly supporting a Yes vote in the forthcoming Marriage referendum? Please reply by texting Yes or No.’

It is understood that the GPA will engage in a public campaign in the coming days to support the yes vote.

It is the first time the player body has participated in a political campaign of this sort, though high-profile players such as Donegal footballer Eamon McGee have been vocal on social media and elsewhere about their support for the yes campaign.

The GPA decision comes in the light of the GAA’s refusal to allow referee David Gough to wear a Gay Pride wristband at Croke Park while officiating at Dublin versus Tyrone last March.

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